Bondi Born Bondi Icebergs Pool



Founded in Bondi in 2015 by Dale McCarthy, Bondi Born is a premium swimwear brand that is made in Australia, with a mission of bringing innovative design and luxury quality to the category.


Bondi Born is designed for a woman's body by women, with an aesthetic that is sophisticated, sensual and elevated, without compromising on fit and comfort.  


Bondi Born searches the globe to find the most innovative, cutting edge swimwear fabrics available. To be used by Bondi Born, fabrics must be of the highest quality; they must look and feel luxurious, be eco-sensitive and ethically sourced and offer technical advantages to deliver superior fit, feel and longevity.


Each design is then painstakingly fitted and refitted to perfect its cut. Each trim is hand selected or custom made. Each print is uniquely created by an Australian artist. No detail is overlooked. Each garment is sewn here in Sydney under Bondi Born's watchful eye. Quality and values are never compromised.

All so the woman who wears Bondi Born can look and feel at her absolute best to enjoy her day in the sun.



Bondi Icebergs image courtesy of Paros Huckstepp